The Unified Architecture Framework (UAF) and current efforts within OMG (Object Management Group)

  • torsdag 27 juni 2024
  • 15:00

image: The Unified Architecture Framework (UAF) and current efforts within OMG (Object Management Group)

The Unified Architecture Framework (UAF) and current efforts within Object Management Group (OMG)

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Architecture frameworks for model based system engineering and enterprise architecture have been around for several years. The OMG has created a standard approach in form of the Unified Architecure Framework (UAF). Currently there are many things happening in the OMG regarding UAF and its uses. The presentations will cover:

  • Architecture framework history leading UAF
  • UAF updates and the current version in the form of UAF 1.2 as a profile based on SysML.
  • Work to create a version 1.3 with the addition of concepts dealing with mission engineering.
  • Ongoing work for UAF use for Model based acquisition handling (MBacq )as well as updates to the Reusable Asset Specification (RAS) to deal with models as reusable assets.
  • UAF version 2 required to deal with both SysML version 1.7 as well as SysML version 2.


Lars-Olof Kihlström is a principal consultant at CAG Syntell and has been dealing with MBSE since the middle of the 1980:ies. He has been involved with the creation of architecture frameworks since 2003. He has worked with the creation of the NATO architecture framework (NAF) as well as dealt with the UK framework (MODAF) and the US DoD framework (DoDAF). He has been a member of the UPDM (now renamed to the UAF group working group in OMG since its inception and is currently working within the group to create UAF version 1.3 and version 2.

Nils Niklasson is a Consultant at CAG Syntell, primarily working with Model-Based Systems Engineering. He is actively involved in the OMG working group dealing with Model-Based Acquisition and teaches systems engineering for CAG Syntell Academy.